How To Create Better Content.

Published Feb. 17, 2021, 3:09 p.m. by Sihaam Imam

Social media has become a necessity for every business so as it builds its name. Social media started as a platform where people could connect and create their network. As time passed, brands took the opportunity to use social media to communicate to their target audience, considering the number of people they can reach through the platforms. Social media provides the platform for brands to build a loyal customer base. With the correct knowledge of building your online presence as a brand, it takes no time before you start getting online reviews that the audience believes in equally as word of mouth. Not everyone can create the correct content that will build the brand’s name and impact the audience. Creating a Facebook or Instagram account is very easy but managing the page with the right content isn’t everyone’s teacup. This article will point out some guidelines for developing content and what to consider while creating content.

Build A Connection With Your Audience.

As a brand, you should know your target audience; after identifying your audience, the next step is to connect with them. Figure out your target audience’s needs and preferences so that you can come up with content that will be relevant to them. Having great content will help you build a strong connection with your audience and convert it into engagement and sales.

Set Clear Goals.

What are you expecting out of your content, or instead, what is your primary purpose of posting? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Identify your goal:

  • Increase brand awareness, sales/ lead generation.

  • Increase community engagement.

  • Grow a brand audience or increase web traffic.

Once you have identified your goal, you can only create the right content to give you the expected results.

Social Media Content Audit.

Spare some time to do an audit on your posts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have made it easy for you to view your content’s insights. Through the insights, you will be able to see the best-performed posts as per your goal. Notice the content that is the image, video, caption, hashtags used to know what works for you as a brand.

Content Calendar.

As a beginner, you might be planning that you will be posting every morning or at a particular time of the day, without a concrete plan, thinking, “after all, it’s just posting that I need to do. “ Then you end up spending a reasonable amount of time thinking of the caption and hashtags to use. That is why it is a good practice to have it all preplanned. Create a content calendar to mark the days to post plus the caption and hashtags you will be posting. The plus point is that you can always go back and edit whenever you have a new idea.

User-Generated Content.

User-generated content is the content that your audience generates. For example, you can ask your customer to share their pic/video using your product and tag your brand. Such content has two benefits; it engages the audiences and creates greater brand awareness. The connection between you and your audience becomes more robust because they can relate to the content.

Use of Influencers.

The use of influencers is another way to create impactful content. The influencers are the social media celebrities with loyal followers. Get an influencer to post your product with their content, and your brand will gain more exposure. Although not any influencer will give you the correct results, you have to do your research and select an influencer whose interests match well with your brand.

Use of Audience Poll.

 It is one of the best ways of generating engagement. Polls have an advantage in that they consume less time for the audience. The audience wants to know what the majority has voted for prompts them to participate—thus generating engagement, leading to sales.


I believe that everyone has some content but is it relevant to the brand? Or is it interesting that it will make the audience spend more time interacting on your page? Content creation is a strategy with its guidelines. Make sure you know what your expectations are from the content you are putting out there. Once you know your goal, then work towards it; it is as simple as that. Identify your goal, create content, schedule and post your content and watch your content creating magic.