SEO: A Real Deal for Digital Marketing.

Published Nov. 21, 2020, 10:18 a.m. by Nahum Nasieko

Are you Boarding the Plane to Soar High with Digital Marketing: SEO?

Sometimes, the unexpected happens and tends to get us on our feet in a particular direction even when we didn't intend to head that way. Late last year, the COVID-19 outbreak hit the business world mercilessly, leaving many organizations crippled or in a state of emergency. Some closed down as they couldn't manage. Lifestyles have been altered, and yet it is uncertain when the "normalcy" we were used to will come around, presumably never. Nevertheless, this brought about a new normal for organizations that have been flexible to adopt digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a great opportunity for large growth for strong and adaptable businesses to any situation and is prepared to face challenges. This calls for a tremendous budget for digital marketing campaigns and platforms that will be used for data collection. Every business relies on data to make strategic decisions, and this includes market trends, consumers buying trends, content sharing, likes, page visits, comments, and competitors' analysis. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in; right from searching the latest trends to the best practices transformation.

Adopting digital marketing for your organization is with the current environment will help in focusing on the present while at the same time laying down strategies to achieve long-term success. This is possible through SEO, which enhances the business's ability to improve the quantity and quality of its website traffic to a web page or website from search engines.

Here is how a business can manage to soar high through SEO propensity.      

Avoid boring content: just having content isn't adequate to guarantee SEO success. Or yet doesn't guarantee that individuals will engage with your content. Therefore there is a need to create intelligent content that a customer can relate to and deliver a memorable experience. This calls for defining the audience, user engagement, and conversion measures.

Consider binding energy for search, content, and social: While creating content for your brands, it is advisable to have SEO in mind. This paves the way for search visibility and not to forget that social media users will always be attracted to great content, which will create demand that you can benefit later through search.

Remember to meet mobile users' expectations: I'd say that bigger internet users access it via mobile phones. And a brand isn't mobile-optimized risks to experience less traffic. For this reason, a mobile website should be fast because a site that takes more than 4 seconds to load is likely to be left. Besides, the sites should be easy to navigate and attractive. The content should be valuable and what the users want/need because mobile users are mostly in the research mode, finding something that will inspire them and influence their decisions.

At ErrandsGuy, our digital marketing analysts equip themselves with a range of approaches to support the organizational goals and serve our esteemed customers the best we can during this uncertain period. There is a high potential for businesses to excel in the digital marketing arena. People are now used to shopping online, making their reservations online, working via online platforms, even schooling. Change is inevitable, and it is good to be curious enough to try something new instead of sticking to the 'normality.'