15 Accounting and Bookkeeping services for SMEs

The 2020/21 finance budget by the Ministry of Finance in Kenya enforces taxation on online businesses. ErrandsGuy helps SMEs and startups understand finances, taxes, and profit margins through accounting by certified accountants:
✅Preparation and maintenance of your books of accounts
✅Do all your statutory tax returns - NSSF, NHIF, PAYE, VAT, WITHHOLDING TAX, etc.
✅Maintain an up-to-date asset register
✅Post all financial transactions and do general ledger maintenance
✅Management of Accounts Receivable
✅Management of Accounts Payable
✅Prepare financial statements - profit & loss, trial balance, balance sheet, cash flow statement
✅Analyze trends and generate customized accounting reports
✅Reconcile bank accounts with ongoing transactions, loans, creditors, debtors
✅Create a secure backup of your financial data and have it available when required
✅Provide full payroll services
✅Develop processes and policies that help streamline your accounting process
✅Conduct basic Accounting and Bookkeeping training for your staff
✅Following up on the auditing process and ensuring your annual statements have been verified
✅Providing summary reports and updates on demand